W. Coleman & Co

W. Coleman & Co
Private and Structured Finance

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The Business

W Coleman & Co. was established in 2000 with the aim of providing a highly efficient private and structured financial service to private clients, companies and trusts acquiring either residential or commercial property. This extends to shipping and aviation upon request.

The role of the business is to act as brokers for the purpose of sourcing the right funding facility to suit the individual requirements of that client. Historically close associations with a number of key and major lending institutions, plus access to private investors enables W Coleman & Co. to negotiate specific terms on behalf of its clients.

A typical client profile would be an individual who is non-UK resident for tax purposes or non-domiciled in the UK. The net worth may be in excess of £20 million and whose business affairs would generally transact through an offshore structure. Often therefore the borrowing entity would be a ‘single purpose vehicle’ registered offshore with or without the personal guarantee of the beneficial owner.