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Private and Structured Finance

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Our clients will typically be either non-UK resident for tax purposes, non-domiciled or even both, therefore may have certain tax considerations which can be catered for either on or off-shore.

The first approach would be to consult on the most appropriate loan facility and at the same time determine whether the loan needed to be structured on or offshore. We are ever mindful of the Bank’s attitude to certain geopolitical risks and are therefore very experienced in approaching who we believe would be the most appropriate lending institution with experience in the particular sector.

We will review the benefits of acquiring property in a corporate structure in conjunction with client’s qualified professionals and ensure that attention is given to the jurisdiction in which a company is established and the way in which a company is set up. In addition, the loan required may be beyond a certain size that would eliminate the majority of high street lenders; secondly the credit process may require main board approval. In short, the service we provide to our Private Clients is to ensure that all relevant aspects relating to a purchase are considered and that we can offer the best representation to a lending institution to ensure expectations are adhered to and commitments are met.